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Securing the Network

F. Scott Yeager and the
Rise of the Commercial Internet

Scott Yeager's pioneering journey in multiple realms has evolved from Fiber Optics to new services and new conventions that have become defacto standards. Now the focus is on IOWN.ME which is how people self-attest they Own, Control and can Monetize their digital self with a Declaration Certificate. The concept of owning your digital identity is deeply rooted in his 30+ years as an innovator where he co-developed MAE East to enable the commercial Internet to evolve free of the US Government owned NSF Network, leaving a lasting impact on the internet's shape and functionality. He stands as a trailblazer responsible for the following pivotal milestones:


  • Telecommunications Disruption (1987): In 1987, Scott Yeager achieved a major breakthrough by obtaining the first City Wide Franchise, effectively challenging the local monopoly phone company with the goal of democratizing telecommunications infrastructure.



  • Ethernet as a Service Innovation (1991): In 1991, Yeager introduced Ethernet as a Service, a game-changing concept that reshaped the telecom industry by providing a more efficient and interconnected system.
MFS Datanet Summary of HLI Services


  • MAE-East Co-Creator (1992): Serving as a co-creator of the "Metropolitan Area Exchange, East" (MAE-East) in 1992, Scott Yeager played a pivotal role in commercializing the Internet, making it more accessible to the world in collaboration with Rick Adams of UUNET who recruited PSI Net and others in the first peering relationships.

Metro Area Exchange (MAE)

  • Pioneering Commercial Streaming Media (1994): In 1994, Yeager's visionary work at MFS Datanet resulted in the establishment of the first-ever commercial streaming media service, revolutionizing how we consume digital content.


  • Metered Application Services (MAS) Concept (1996): Scott Yeager conceptualized Metered Application Services (MAS) in 1996, offering a flexible and scalable approach to digital application usage and billing.


  • National Streaming and High-Speed Digital Application Services (1998-99): Leading Enron Communications in 1998-99, Yeager was instrumental in developing the first national streaming and high-speed digital application services, accelerating the digital transformation of the telecom industry.
Internet Congestion by

  • Distributed Application Server Systems Pioneer (1998-2000): At Enron Broadband Services, Yeager was at the forefront of pioneering Distributed Application Server Systems, a precursor to today's "cloud services." This innovation changed how data and services are hosted and accessed online.

Today, Scott Yeager's legacy continues with IOWN.ME, a groundbreaking platform focused on owning your digital identity. Explore this remarkable journey and the history of the development of the Commercial Internet in Nathan Gregory's biographical account. For more information on Scott Yeager's latest venture, visit IOWN.ME to discover how he is reshaping the concept of digital identity ownership.

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