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Securing the Network

F. Scott Yeager and the
Rise of the Commercial Internet


Scott Yeager’s Reprivata cyber-security solution is grounded in his 30+ years as an innovator who has had a direct and profound impact on the shape and functionality of the internet. He is directly responsible for:


  • Obtaining the first City Wide Franchise to build a competitive Fiber Optic network to compete with the local monopoly phone company (1987).



  • Inventing the use of Local Area Network protocol Ethernet as a Service to interconnect systems, which fundamentally changed the telecom industry (1991).
MFS Datanet Summary of HLI Services


  • Co-creating “Metropolitan Area Exchange, East” (MAE-East) which fostered the commercialization of the Internet (1992).

Metro Area Exchange (MAE)

  • Establishing the First Commercial Streaming Media Service as MFS Datanet (1994).


  • Conceiving the First Metered Application Services (MAS) (1996).


  • Developing the First National Streaming and High-Speed Digital Application Services as Enron Communications (1998-99)
Internet Congestion by

  • Pioneering Distributed Application Server Systems now known as “cloud services” at Enron Broadband Services (1998-2000).

 A Biography of F. Scott Yeager, and the history of the conception and development of today’s Commercial Internet.

by Nathan Gregory

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