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Enron Product Videos

The book "Securing the Network: F. Scott Yeager and the Rise of the Commercial Internet" tells the story behind the creation of key concepts behind the media-rich commercial Internet of today.

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In the late 1990s, networking was new, and Enron commissioned a series of animated shorts for marketing, sales, and educational purposes. This collection of videos explains Enron-specific network-specific products and how they are integrated into the Enron Intelligent Network. Each product had its revenue opportunities, such as Tiered-QoS streaming media, High-Quality IP video transport, and underlying bandwidth services. The Application Services such as Media Cast and Media Transport were sold as usage-sensitive applications, not bandwidth services. The underlying bandwidth was sold as circuits and wavelengths services and was traded in a bandwidth market. Some of these videos were for marketing and educational services, and others were for internal training only.
    These animations were created by Scott Yeager, as part of Enron and his cousin Paul Yeager (representing FYI-Net, as a customer and vendor to Enron), an award-winning PBS documentary writer, director, editor, and producer for over 20 years. This visual storytelling is educational and entertaining, and demonstrates broadband content delivery over the EIN, an example of Enron using their own product.

Pioneering a new Medium
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