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EIN was Real and it Worked

The book "Securing the Network: F. Scott Yeager and the Rise of the Commercial Internet" tells the story behind the creation of key concepts behind the media-rich commercial Internet of today.

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The concept became known as a "distributed server application service." With it, EBS was creating a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These application layer services were called the Enron Intelligent Network (EIN), and they ran on the Broadband Operating System (BOS). The CDN over which EBS would deliver streaming video was called Media Cast and Media Transport. These EBS innovations followed earlier inventions at MFS, which had followed even earlier creations as a solitary entrepreneur.

The story of Enron became lost in the scandals and false claims of the prosecutors. Prosecutors claimed that the BOS and EIN technology at EBS did not exist, wasn't real, or didn't work. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The technology and innovations at EIN were real, and the future envisioned at EBS was accurate. It's all around us today. Today's Commercial Internet grew directly from those innovations. The Commercial Internet includes media-rich streaming content to enable e-commerce and engage large audiences via all devices.

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